New for next winter!

We are very excited about our new cottage, it will be fully renovated this summer and be available for families or small groups, up to 6 people. It has 2 bedrooms, and a large living/dining/kitchen area. Fully self contained, pellet wood stove to keep you cozy and complete new furnishing throughout, luxury and comfort is our priority.

I will start this month by taking the whole outside of the building, adding insulation and changing the color scheme, in other words a complete repaint.Then its on to the inside walls, rendering and repainting etc. Lastly, around August we will refurnish so pictures of the inside wont be available for a while but it will be very nice.

About 500 mters from HakubaGoryu ski field with the shuttle bus coming past about 100 meters away.

The rate is 38000 yen/night.

Attached a few pictures of this winter and the epic snowfall around it in the forest.







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