How to get to Hakuba?  Most overseas visitors arrive at Narita airport, about 80km northeast of Tokyo.


Option 1  Train/Shinkansen/bus.

Option 2  Chuo taxi mini bus service.


Option 3 Alpico highway bus once a day only.

Option 4 Nagano Snowshuttle twice daily bus.


Option 1. from Narita take the Narita express train or other similar train connections to Tokyo station. From here you can take the Shinkansen bullet train to Nagano station , then Alpico Highland express bus to Hakuba from east exit. Total travel time 4-5 hours depending on connections.Price about 12000 yen/person ( if travelling with large ski/board bags its worth sending these by courier, add 2000yen/person.

Exciting and new for this year is that you can get to Hakuba this way even if leaving airport at 6PM , there is a special late bus every night now from Nagano station to HakubaGoryu at 10PM, arriving at HakubaGoryu at 11PM.

And of course we pick you up from the bus stop!  train search in English.

Option 2.   Chuo taxi, they pick you up at your gate with name tag and drop you of at our door!  Great service, professional drivers and on board credit card facilities.Travel time about 5-6 hours. Price is 12000 yen/person one way.Either book through website or we can book for you.Of course this option is good regardless of arrival time, mainly because you don’t have to think ,just get on have a sleep and arrive on our doorstep. Stitch

  Option 3  Exciting, affordable direct link from Narita to Hakuba, once a day in the morning departure(8.25AM)Arrive at the HakubaGoryu bus stop at 14.11 from where we pick you up.Cost is 8500 yen/pp, on line booking only.



Option 4 Nagano  snow-shuttle bus service twice daily connection


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